Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Why the one sided take on cuts agenda?

The way in which the cuts agenda has been covered in much of the media, exposes just how supine most outlets have become to parroting official truths. Once again as with past narratives the raisen d'etre for the central theme, namely that everyone must feel the pain has been accepted without question. As a result most have colluded in this crude piece of propaganda that amounts to making the weakest and most vulnerable pay for the avarice and irresponsibiliy of the bankers. The occasional voice that has sounded calling for social justice in the form of far more of the burden for the deficit falling on the rich through higher taxes, have been shouted down immediately. When will journalists start to do the job they have been trained for, namely, to report and hold to account decison makers, not act as a wing of the PR industry, simply parroting official truths.

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