Wednesday, 18 July 2012

G4S fiasco exposes fallacy of government's private fits all mantra

What the G4S debacle underlines is the unravelling of the coalition government's idealogically driven attack on the public sector. It has unashamedly used the deficit as an excuse to destroy public sector jobs. First there was the debacle at the airports due to the lack of personnel and now G4S. If anyone still believes the ridiculous mantra private good/public bad then the G4S meltdown surely buries the lie once and for all.
The private sector is only interested in profit. The service delivery in the case of G4S underlines the point. Now, the police and the army, who most certainly are qualified to do security, have been called in. In fact the arrival of security personnel who have years of training in this speciality does rather underline the point, regarding the ineptitude of the private sector approach. What is for sure is that it is about time the government stopped attacking the public sector, especially when they have to keep turning to it in order to to dig themselves out of ever deeper privately dug holes.

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