Thursday, 10 January 2013

Food waste report blows hole in GM myths

The news that half of all food in the world is thrown away blows rather a large hole in the GM companies latest campaign to convince people that their technology is required to feed the world.
Two billion tonnes of food does not make it to the plate, while 30% of vegetable crops grown in this country are not harvested due to failure to meet retailers "exacting standard."
What these figures from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers report illustrate is that it is the market system of distribution that is at fault for food shortages not a failure of production.
The GM companies are after is control of the food chain pure and simple. Once they have achieved this, prices can be set even more according to companies bottom lines on profits. It is time to dismiss the GM companies arguments once and for all and set about redistributing all the food now being produced to the people that live on this planet.

Independent - 12/1/2013

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