Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paul Doherty launches 100th book on last days of Henry VIII

Novel  writing Catholic headmaster and historian Dr Paul Doherty is about to publish his 100th book on the topical subject of the Tudors.

The ”Last of Days” focuses on the final three months of Henry VIII’s reign as seen through the eyes of court jester Will Somers . The jester and confident  chronicles the battles between power hungry councillors as to who will come out on top come the inevitable death of Henry.

Dr Doherty's writing career began in 1986, with publication of his first book the Death of a King" focusing on Edward II.
More books followed, focusing mainly on medieval and ancient Egyptian history. Dr Doherty was producing four books a year for a long time but has now slowed to doing two a year.

He has now sold millions of books across the world, including Europe, the United States and Japan. “I am told I’m big in Bulgaria,” said Dr Doherty, who has been head at Trinity Catholic High School for the past 31 years. Proof that the veteran head has not ignored his day job comes in the form of outstanding ratings in the last three OFSTED inspections.
The Last of Days will launch on 6 June at Trinity Catholic High School in Woodford Green, Essex

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