Thursday, 4 July 2013

Austerity agenda is all about dumping on the poorest and building division

So the latest pernicious offering from the government on the altar of austerity is to charge immigrants for NHS services. We all know that this measure will probably cost more to implement than it will save, wrapping NHS staff up in ever more bureaucracy – something that on another day the Coalition claims it is trying to cut.
The truth is that austerity is just one big con trick. It is an excuse to attack the poor and scapegoat different groups in society. The idea that it has anything to do with saving money is laughable.
Look at the facts. The Chancellor squeezes another £11 billion out in cuts last week. At the same time it slips out that the High Speed Rail link is running £10 billion over budget.
A few pennies are to be saved by making benefit recipients wait a few more days to receive their money, meantime HMS Customs and Revenue fail to collect £10 billion in VAT for 2010/11. 
This is all a choreographing exercise of distraction from a policy of dumping on the poor and turning people against each other. The sooner we recognise the con and say enough the better.

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