Saturday, 4 January 2014

If Cameron's government can't get to grips with climate change they should go

The floods crisis has once again shown the total lack of environmental priorities of the Coalition government.
David Cameron starts criticising the local councils -that his administration have stripped of resources-for not coping.
More flooding follows, so obviously it must be time to make savage cuts to the body charged with dealing with the crisis, so1,500 jobs are to go at the Environment Agency.
The unspoken possibility must be that climate change is not only happening but happening far more quickly than previously predicted. Given the urgency of the situation can we really afford to have a government stuffed full of climate sceptics.
Indeed, if Cameron did refer to the need to “get rid of the green crap” as recently reported, then he should head the list of those resigning from government. Neither he nor his colleagues are fit for the purpose of governing in these dangerous times.
Climate change is happening, responsible people are needed in government who recognise the crisis and will prioritise resources accordingly

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