Monday, 3 February 2014

What is needed to get politicians to take climate change seriously - the Thames lapping up on to the terrace of Parliament?

The massive damage caused by months of rain should rid any serious person involved in political life of the idea that climate change is in some way the figment of a few scientists imagination. The evidence is there for all to see, yet we have people in government like Prime Minister David Cameron who can publically talk about "getting rid of the green crap." We have an environment secretary in Owen Patterson, who at best can be described as a Walter Mitty when it comes to climate change, not wanting to admit it is the big danger facing the world today.
Mr Patterson should resign for his complete mishandling of the latest crisis. Indeed, anyone who does not seriously believe that climate change is happening should not be anywhere near government or the levers of power - an application to become a member of the flat earth society might be more appropriate.
The reality is that climate change is the biggest threat to human kind. Everything should be being done now to stop the slide and build the safeguards needed to defend against the onset of the extremes of climate seen over recent years.
Maybe, the cost of dealing with climate change might register with the deficit obsessed politicians that are presently in charge of the country.
The cost of climate change as Nicholas Stern predicted in his authoritative report for government in 2007 are going growing.
The reality is that the failure of countries across the world to act seriously against this major threat now ensures that the cost will be more. Indeed, if we are to survive moving forward, the cost of dealing with climate change will swallow up all other budgets, including defence.
This is the reality of life in the 21st century. There really is no time to further indulge climate skeptics in government or the supporting cast drawn from the energy companies, who seek to protect their own markets to the cost of humankind and the planet.

6/2/2014 - Morning Star/ Ilford Recorder

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