Friday, 2 May 2014

Tories morphing into UKIP

The Conservative Party seem so concerned about UKIP that they are gradually morphing into them. So the Conservatives increasingly it seems want to get out of Europe and now they are going to ban wind turbines on land. But fracking it seems is fine, with trespass laws to be relaxed to allow companies to explore on other people's land.
So in the brave new Conservative world, Britain will be a small isolated country in northern Europe with even less influence than it has now. We will though be free to burn more fossil fuels and choke our collective selves to death on pollution.
The population will continue to age but we will not be able to afford the services, such as health and social care, to look after them because the Conservatives will have stopped the vital flow of young migrant labour into the country. This will also decimate the prosperous higher education sector.
The Conservatives used to be a serious party, Margaret Thatcher was one of the first mainstream politicians to see the importance of the green agenda - what a sad rump they have left today - drawn ever further rightward, their only ambition being the pursuit of power for powers sake.

-  8/5/2014 Wanstead and Woodford Guardian
1/5/2014 - Ilford Recorder

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