Friday, 11 July 2014

Economy needs more trade unions and less tax dodgers

The themes of striking public sector union and tax dodging companies ( Guardian 10/7) nicely summarise a fault line of the British economy. The indicators suggest that the economy is picking up but the mass of people are not feeling any different - wages down, cost of living up.
This is because any improvement in the economy does not get passed onto the workers, It goes instead directly to the bosses who ship their money offshore to avoid tax.
The result of this unjust arrangement is a society where a few billionaires corner the mass of wealth while more than a million go to food banks.
Powerful and effective trade unions are one way to rectify this situation. Unions bring greater equality to our society. People working in unionised workplaces are better paid and have better conditions of work. Only by setting trade unions free can the balance be restored in society that will see more of the wealth flowing to the many rather than the few. The idea that further restricting trade union activities has any value might play well in the Tory shires but in terms of creating a working and just economic system it is total bunkum.

Guardian - 14/7/2014

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