Monday, 20 April 2015

Wanstead Labour campaigner Peter Davies finishes up in hospital after good deed

Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party member Peter Davies went the extra mile to help out the electorate and ended up in hospital for his troubles.

Peter, 66, was out campaigning on a sunny afternoon in Wanstead, when he came across a distressed voter. They had locked themselves out of their house.

Peter, ever willing to help, sought to pull himself up on spike topped fence in order to get to a window.

In the process of helping the desperate member of the public, Peter slipped and impaled his arm on one of the spikes in the fence. With the help of the home owner he was seeking to help Peter bound up his arm.

He then called Leyton and Wanstead Party Chair Greg Eglin, who was out canvassing in a nearby road. Greg took Peter down to the local Whipps Cross hospital where he was admitted overnight.

On Monday he had an operation, as the spike had got into the tendons in his arm.

Never one to be put down for long Peter declared that he how understood “the effectiveness of some of those nasties at Bosworth battle field.”
"The staff at Whipps Cross were brilliant," said Peter.
Peter hopes soon to be fully recovered and back out canvassing for a Labour victory

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