Thursday, 11 June 2015

Time to stand up and fight for Herongate and Galleon wards at Wanstead hospital

The battle to save the Heronwood and Galleon wards at Wanstead Hospital continues. Local people made their views quite clear some time ago with a 5,000 strong petition calling for the retention of the wards and the vital rehabilitation services they provide. The health executives and local politicians though chose to ignore that message.
All that has been evident to the local populace over recent months has been a combination of high handed choreography involving health service executives and councillors seemingly wrangling about just how far away these services can now be located from the people that need them. So first we saw  plans to move the service out to King Georges hospital and now even further away into the hinterland of Barking and Havering.
It would seem that the time has come once again for local people to remind those they have elected and those whose salaries they pay that these services must remain at Wanstead Hospital.
There are any number of people who have used these excellent services over recent years who will testify to their quality. It is time for people in the area to stand up as they have done so often in the past and say no to those seeking to cut basic health services from the area. It is also time that certain local councillors and health executives woke up to that fact.
11/6/2015  "Its time to getbehind the fight at hospital" - Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 

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