Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Evening Standard poll showing 53% of 18 to 24 year olds think Labour is more attractive under Corbyn should concern media executives

Interesting how statistics get interpreted. An Evening Standard poll says that 65% of people say Labour is becoming less electable, yet if this stat is compared to the election result, when 30% of those voting voted Labour, then more people are now likely to vote Labour. The 48% who apparently believe left activists are infiltrating the Labour Party is hardly surprising given the flow of misinformation and outright bias from the mass media against Corbyn ever since he first got the nominations to stand in the leadership election. The most worrying thing for the media must be the 53% of the 18 to 24s who think Labour is becoming more attractive - these are the prized customers of today and tomorrow. As some media executives are no doubt beginning to wonder, is it really a good idea to alienate this group with such blatantly biased coverage against Corbyn's Labour Party?

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