Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Reporting of latest deficit figures reveal media role in manufacturing consent

Interesting to contrast the way in which the media dealt with the news that George Osborne has once again got his sums wrong on the deficit, with the relentless Tory fed line that it was the Labour government that caused the banking crisis of 2008. The latter was fed by the Tory Party and obediently delivered relentlessly in the period up to the general election. Less publicity though for the news yesterday that the deficit has risen again by £1.3 billion to £14.3 billion in ...November. This takes cumalative borrowing up to £66.9 billion for the first eight months of the financial year. This is £2 billion short of the target set for the entire year by the Office for Budget Responsibility. Or put another way the Chancellor's policies of austerity, prefaced on reducing the deficit, are way off achieving their aim.Quite a lesson in the manufacture of consent.

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