Thursday, 28 April 2016

Jeremy Corbyn attacks austerity agenda, whilst backing doctors, nurses, teachers, postal and telecom workers

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked the government for making “a political choice” in pursuing its austerity agenda.

“The austerity agenda is “a political choice, not an economic necessity,” declared Jeremy, adding that “you can’t cut your way to prosperity, you have to invest for prosperity”

Addressing the Communication Workers Union conference in Bournemouth, Jeremy called for investment in new rail links and housing. He also called for a zero emission based environmental strategy.

He  called for trade union to work across continents in order to confront capital. “It is the power of global corporations to play ducks and drakes with worker’s rights. We must organise ourselves internationally, said Jeremy, who called for the unions to work together with the Labour Party to oppose what the government is doing to working people.

Jeremy acknowledged that the last Labour government did not do enough to repeal the trade union legislation.

He committed to not only defend the Universal Service Obligation in the mail service but seek to extend that mantra to the telecommunications industry. “I have got real trepidation about the dangers posed by the possibility of a break up of BT,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy reiterated the ongoing opposition to the TU Bill with a number of victories secured against the legislation in the House of Lords. He further committed a future Labour government to repeal the Lobbying Act that came in before the last election, with its restrictions on the political activities of trade unions and charities. “Hedge funds and business can have a voice but not ordinary people. We’ll change that,” pledged Jeremy.

He slammed the Tory government for giving tax breaks to the richest 5%, whilst cutting welfare for the disabled. “We’re with the disabled,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy expressed his determination that the next Labour government will bring the rail industry back into public ownership.

He also reasserted his belief in life long education, whilst rallying opposition to the government’s declared intention to academies all state schools. “I value education as a right not something to be bought and sold, said Jeremy.
The Labour leader also backed the NHS, voicing suspicions of a government agenda of privatisation by stealth. He also pledged the Labour Party’s support for the junior doctors. “Back off, we’re supporting the junior doctors,” said Jeremy

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