Friday, 28 October 2016

100 harvests remain and politicians look to expand airport capacity - the ongoing denial of climate change is betrayal of our children and children's children

On the BBCs Question Time last night, film maker Ken Loach said that there are 100 harvests left - that is a truly startling statistic- especially if you have young children or are about to have them.
They will be reaching old age just as the world is reaching the abyss.
Yet our inadequate politicians (let's not call them leaders) continue to fiddle while the world literally burns.
Brexit has become the latest excuse to put climate change on the back burner. The Heathrow extension is but the latest example of a mindless dash for growth. Addressing climate change should be the main priority, which demands no more extensions of airport capacity  and a dramatic change in the way in which we all live.

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