Monday, 13 February 2017

Why not celebrate the building of a new swimming pool in Wanstead?

Poor old Redbridge Council really can do no right it would seem. They attempt to bring in a parking scheme and get accused of penalising this end of the borough, then when they reveal plans to locate a swimming pool in Wanstead they get pulled up for spending money!! Truly ridiculous.

The plans to build a swimming pool in Wanstead should be applauded and widely supported. It has been an ongoing disgrace that the nearest swimming facilities for those living in this part of the borough reside in neighbouring Newham.

Now, the Labour Council has recognised that the facility needs to be provided for people living here. What is not to like - a new pool will provide facilities that can only contribute to the health and well being of all living in this area. The facility will also provide employment. Time to celebrate not denigrate.

PS on the subject of those from the self styled WeWantSay group who are demanding that Wanstead people be given the right to reject any planned parking restrictions, I do hope that by the same token there will be equal weight given to those who support parking restrictions across Wanstead – including the pedestrianisation of the high street.

* published - Wanstead & Woodford Guardian/Ilford and Wanstead & Woodford Recorder - 13/2/2017

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