Monday, 15 May 2017

Don't knock the 70s

I don't quite understand the jibe about Labour going back to the 1970s, as though it were a bad time. The 70s were a good time for many people. The gap between rich and poor was at its lowest level, consequently happiness levels were at their highest point. Working weeks were getting shorter, the retirement age coming down. There were even hot summers.

Then came Margaret Thatcher, who brought longer working weeks for less pay and ever later retirement ages. Today, stress and anxiety are commonplace complaints as mental health problems proliferate. Maybe its all a grand piece of obfuscation by the Tories, who also want to go back in time, only in their case it is to the workhouse days of the 1870s.

Published - Independent -14/5/2017 - 

16/5/2017 - Evening Standard

18/5/2017 - Wanstead & Woodford + Ilford Recorder

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