Friday, 18 August 2017

Take action at Wanstead Park

The ongoing decline of water levels in the Ornamental lake in Wanstead Park continues. Growing numbers of people are wondering when the City of London Corporation (CLC) will address this issue seriously?

The regular excuse is lack of funding. The CLC continually tell us they have no money, though it was recently proven that there was an underspend last year on Epping Forest.

We have also been told by Superintendent Paul Thomson that research has shown the footfall for Wanstead Park and the Flats is heavier than previously thought. The actual footfall entitles the area to one third of the £5m budget for Epping Forest - at present nothing like this figure is forthcoming.

The CLC keep dangling out the prospect of a Heritage Lottery bid that will be used to deal with the problems of the park. Trouble is this nirvanna is regularly moved further down the road. Most recently, the excuse was that there could be pending flood defence work required in the park by the Environment Agency.
Maybe we are waiting for Tesco to pay out again, as they did for the new seating in front of kiosk?

This continuous process of inertia, which sees problems like the lack of water in the Ornamental lake not dealt with, cannot go on.  It is time for the CLC to take some positive action to resolve the outstanding issues

-published - Wanstead and Woodford Recorder/Ilford Recorder .-17/8/2017
Wanstead and Woodford Guardian - 17/8/2017

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