Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Fans revolution coming at West Ham

A fans rebellion was in the air at the London Stadium before the West Ham game against Newcastle United on Saturday.

Members of the self styled “Real West Ham Fans Action Group” were handing out cards around the ground titled “the revolution is coming.”

Among the demands of the group are “a fit for purpose football stadium ..as promised by the board” and “more transparency with regards to why we sold out and left Upton Park and what the financial position of the club actually is..as promised by the board.”

The group also calls for “more attention to detail for our disabled and elderly fans” and “better travel for our fans to away games.”

Elsewhere the group are calling for the owners to be “more professional on social media,” which should include “removing the [David] Sullivan kids from speaking on the club’s behalf.”

The group, which has formed a seven member committee are asking for fans views. via twitter@realwesthamfans or email - realwesthamfans@gmail.com

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