Sunday, 17 February 2013

Immigrants have earned access to public services

The ridiculous suggestion of David Cameron that public services could be denied to immigrants really does beggar belief. The truth is that migrants come here in the vast majority of cases to work. They pay their taxes, so have every right to expect all the public services that those taxes fund. The fact that many migrants, especially from the European accession countries, return without accessing any of the said public services is a bonus for this country.
It really is time that elected politicians started dealing with the reality of immigration rather than the myths being peddled about people coming to Britain because it is an easy touch for benefits – this simply is not the case.
The anti-immigration rhetoric of so many in the political class will encourage migrants to steer clear of this country. The effect is already being seen in higher education where tens of thousands of foreign students are now not coming here. What a sorry place this will be if other migrants who run the health service, care services, education, catering and transport follow suit and stop coming. This scenario might please Cameron and his UKIP rivals but the country will be a poorer place for it.

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