Monday, 11 February 2013

Pope Benedict's resignation offers opportunity for change

The resignation of Pope Benedict offers an opportunity to reignite the spirit of Vatican II, opening up the windows of an increasingly cleric dominated Church to the wider world.

The Church has become increasingly insular, looking in upon itself rather than out to engage with the world in the spirit of Vatican II.

Sex abuse, homosexuality and birth control are all issues which seem to dominate Church thinking. Clericalism is rife despite the proven failings of the clergy in so many areas.

The new Pope certainly has a challenge ahead of him. He will need to address corruption in the Church, including the ongoing disgrace of child abuse.

Most importantly will be the need to change the structures of the Church, making clergy accountable to laity. Laity must be given real power in the Church as envisioned by Vatican II.

The hierarchical structure of the Church needs to be democratised and made accountable to the faithful.

* 11/2/2013 CNN - New Pope must open up windows of the Church and usher in Vatican III - see:


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  2. I don't believe you understand the Catholic church. Noticing on CNN's website you are a lifelong Catholic. You should know that the Pope is not able to come in and change things and God gave us the church and God does not change and accept evil ways just because man asks or desires it. The Catholic church is protected by God and always will be. I hope that if you truly are a Catholic that you study the faith and come to understand it and you find a great gem.