Friday, 21 June 2013

Nothing has changed with GM crops Mr Patterson, they remain an attempt by a few companies to monopolise the food chain

So environment minister Owen Patterson believes that GM crops are safer than conventional ones because they use “more precise technology and {come under] greater regulatory scrutiny.” He is leading a campaign to convert the public to GM.

Nothing has changed relating to GM crops over recent years beyond the companies that produce them upping the lobbying pressure on gullible politicians.

The spurious line that GM are needed to feed the world has been proved to be palpably not so, there is more than enough food to feed the world if it were distributed equitably and less was thrown away.

The interests of the GM companies remain the same as they have always been, namely to get control of the food chain. Once they have done this and got a complete monopoly on what we eat then they can dictate price and control availability of seeds to people across the world. The idea that GM represents the greatest good for the greatest number is spurious nonsense. The present manoeuvres to convert Europe to GM are but another example of the few attempting to make a profit at the cost of the many.

22/6/2013 Independent - letters
24/6/2013 Times - letters

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