Tuesday, 4 June 2013

St Paul triumphs at Sandford St Martin awards

The bigger winner at the Sandford St Martin awards this year was David Suchet’s In the footsteps of St Paul.

The documentary, fronted by the man who is known for playing Agatha Christie’s Belgium detective Hercule Poirot, also took the Radio Times Listeners Award, receiving a majority of the 6,000 votes cast by readers.

The documentary screened on BBC1 drew on St Pauls letters, tracking the journey of the saint and his influence on the early spread of Christianity.

Presenting the Premier Television Award, chair of the judges, art critic Brian Sewell argued that the medium of television might help Christians understand better other faiths, while other faiths need to know more of Christianity. “Religion still effects the future of humanity worldwide, it is too important to be ignored by broadcasters,” said Mr Sewell.

The winner of the Premier Radio Award was Hearing Ragas (made for Radio 4), which told violinist Professor Paul Robertson’s story of the effect of hearing Indian ragas while in a coma and then the healing effect of Sir John Tavener’s music had on him while in recovery.

The Sandford St Martin trustees presented a special award to the organising team for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Denise, the wife of writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, collected the award on behalf of the organisers. In the acceptance speech, Mr Cottrell Boyce expressed his pleasure that the trustees had found religion in the ceremony. He spoke of the Christian witness of so many taking part. “What you saw was a more just and caring society, it was only for a few weeks but exist it did,” said Mr Cottrell Boyce. “If the opening ceremony helped us remember who we are it did its job.”

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