Monday, 29 September 2014

Kieran Conry may have stepped down but bombing Archbishop of Canterbury is more of a worry

Sad to see the demise of Bishop of Arundel and Brighton Kieran Conry who has resigned following revelations in the Mail on Sunday about his private life.
Bishop Conry was one of the more personable bishops prepared to adopt an open mind to many problems. Against a bleak landscape occupied by of a group of dour men only it seems concerned most of the time with managing the decline of the institutional Church he often shone a beam of light.
Still at least the Catholics did not have the ignominy of watching one of their archbishops voting and speaking in favour of the bombing of Iraq. This was the scenario that Anglicans had to suffer from their own great shepherd, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby – a real case of onward Christian soldiers

*Daily Telegraph reveal Kieran Conry as Tablet wine correspondent N O'Phile - he will continue to contribute to the magazine - Mandrake - 1/10/2014

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