Thursday, 2 October 2014

David Cameron's rewrite of history to justify military intervention is breathtaking

The Prime Minister seems, at times, to be making it up as he goes along.. Take the comment he made when being interviewed on Newsnight on Monday by Evan Davis. “It was terrorism on the streets of Britain that caused us to be involved in Afghanistan,” said Cameron who added that it is a similar type of threat now that is the basis for action in Iraq.

This is all very strange given that most of us were led to believe that the original action in Afghanistan was due to the attack on the twin towers of 11 September 2001. It was an American response that the British just felt they had to be part of for whatever reason.

The idea that it emanated from terrorism on the streets of London is an entirely new view. A rewrite of history to justify a Cold War style rhetoric that is being developed to claim this evil force is out there coming to get us all unless we act now in foreign lands.

There are those ofcourse those who believe the reverse is true - that if Britain were not interfering in  other people’s countries – specifically Iraq and Afghanistan - everyone would be a lot safer at home.

The lack of such threats in countries not pursuing such military adventures abroad, like Sweden, Canada and Germany, provide much evidence to support this view.

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