Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Have broadcast media not done enough to promote UKIP without giving its leader a priveliged position in the televised leaders debate at the general election

Have the broadcast media not done enough already to bring UKIP to prominence. Surely the privileged treatment has to end at some time - like by not giving them a seat at the table in the general election debate involving the leaders of the main parties - what about the Greens, Scottish Nationalists and Plwyd Cymru - who have had seats in Parliament for some time and have some policies.
UKIP have three main policies, leaving Europe, opposing immigration and opposing wind turbines. The whole thing is like some appalling parody that just runs and runs.
The anti-the political establishment line that UKIP role out is also a laugh - they are led by an ex-banker, made up of the dregs from other political parties - particularly the Tories and they hoover up the expenses in the European Parliament. Anyone who has observed UKIP's behaviour in the European Parliament will see what they are like once they have power - is that really the answer to the political vacuum in Britain?

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