Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Artists and ethical investors celebrate at the Human Nature exhibition in Soho

Abundance supporters and artists gathered for the Human Nature exhibition at the Art of Progress gallery in Greek Street, London, last night.
The Human Nature exhibition started on its travels in London last December, going to Leeds and Bristol before coming to the Art of Progress, where it will reside until 27 September.
The exhibition arranged over three floors shows artists exploring the changing relationship with the environment. Among the exhibits are three pictures of a goshawk, little owl and reed warbler by London based street artist ATM. The bird theme was continued by Jane Laurie with a striking picture of a barn owl set above a bed at the exhibition.
On the top floor there was film maker Dorothea Gibbs short film, Natural Reality 2:1. Dorothea delves into how the online world has the power to connect people but also create a strange disconnected world of virtual reality.
Among those attending the Abundance Generation sponsored evening was environmentalist Jonathon Porrit, who sampled the relaxation area where people could sit and mediate, conjuring up visions of being on a Norfolk beach.
The evening offered an excellent opportunity to view the artistic exhibits and talk about the state of the renewable energy industry, presently under assault from the government with its pro-nuclear and fracking approach to energy security.
Abundance has been one of the companies seeking to counter global warming by setting up a number of sustainable projects across the land involving solar and wind energy.
Abundance launched in 2012, since when almost 2,000 people have invested £11 million funding 12 projects so far.

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