Friday, 16 October 2015

Central line in meltdown - how much longer?

How much longer is the chaos on the Central Line going to continue? The reason for the situation became abundantly clear on Tuesday of this week when it was announced in the rush hour that there were "delays on central line due to lack of available trains." Too many people, too few trains.
The service even by the very low standards of the Central Line has over recent months been totally unacceptable. People have been crammed into trains that come along intermittently. The overcrowding causes people to get ill, pull the emergency handle and then more delays. The train schedulers might then add to the chaos a bit more by delaying trains allegedly "to regulate the service."Trains get backed up and more people get ill. The whole thing is in meltdown - if something is not done to improve the Central Line, someone will be taken seriously ill or worse- when this happens the responsibility make no mistake will lie with Transport for London and ultimately the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

- published - Ilford Recorder - 15/10/2015

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