Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Why the Tory government gets on so well with the Chinese

The burgeoning special relationship between the Conservative government and China makes a good deal of sense when viewed in the wider context. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already let slip that the Chinese economy - with its reliance on low paid labour - is the model he would like to see being adopted in Britain. The policies put in place by George Osborne under the aegis of anti-austerity mark out in embryonic form the creation of just such an economy here. 
The lack of concern over the human rights position can be also understood, given that Britain morphes ever closer to the China’s authoritarian model of society. So we see the attack on trade unions via the likes of the Trade Union Bill and the taking away of other basic human rights on the altar of the so called fight against terrorism.  
The lack of concern for the role of China in terms of dumping steel on world markets, thereby making the British steel industry redundant, can also be understood in terms of what drives this Conservative government. It represents a very narrow strand of finance capital, as far as it is concerned little else matters. 

None of which ofcourse explains why the government is prepared to allow China to operate a nuclear power station in the UK.

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