Friday, 18 March 2016

Boris wants to be more like Mao

London Mayor Boris Johnson admitted he wanted to be a bit more like Mao when it came to dealing with housing.

Delivering the John Harvard lecture at the Old Vic, Boris admitted that housing was one of his biggest disappointments in office. He explained the conflict between the developer - who wants to build to get the biggest profit - and the politician - who wants as many houses as possible built to provide homes and bring down the prices.

The outgoing mayor then admitted that the private sector was not working when it came to the housing provision and that “government needs to get back in the business of building houses.”

Boris it seems has become a fan of Essex man, declaring that merits of living in Ilford and Romford. Though neighbouring London Borough of Newham is the area that had the highest rises in property prices last year, according to the Mayor.

The Brexit champion attacked European environmental rules that slowed down house building projects. He declared that if there was a no vote then 24 June will become “independence day.”

Singing the praises of London he declared that more people came to the London museum each year than live in Brussels.

The mayor also summoned up the memory of David Bowie as an example of a typical London citizen, reinventing himself continuously.

Challenged about his Prime Ministerial ambitions, he suggested that David Cameron should rescind his decision to stand down before the next general election.

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