Saturday, 5 March 2016

Restore bridge into Wanstead Park from Ilford

When will the Coronation bridge - that represents the gateway for Ilford residents to enter Wanstead Park - be restored? There was talk sometime ago that it would cost £25,000 to restore the bridge but nothing has happened for years. Over recent weeks the cycle track alongside the River Roding has been taking shape, surely as part of this work the bridge should be being restored?
The recent Friends of Wanstead Park AGM (24/2) revealed just what a vibrant hub of activity in the local community the park represents. There are many ideas and groups bursting with energy, surely restoring the main route for Ilford and other residents coming from that side of the borough to enter the tranquility of Wanstead Park is not too much to ask.
see: Ilford Recorder and Wanstead & Woodford Guardian

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