Thursday, 25 August 2016

How sad to see the once great bastion of liberty, France, showing such appalling intolerance to Muslim women on the beach

How incredible to see the once tolerant land of France being reduced to a scene where armed  police officers can stand over a Muslim woman insisting she take her clothes off. You could not make it up.

If this ludicrous act of intolerance is in some way intended to deter terrorism – it won’t work. This act shows France effectively giving into the tyranny of the terrorists, reducing the human rights of its citizens at the behest of the perceived threat.

Britain can provide the evidence of what happens when a single religion or nationality is made into a suspect community. The British did it to the Irish during the war in Northern Ireland. A community under attack closes in on itself, providing harbour for those who might move to extreme actions and be radicalised.

The call of give me your liberties and I will provide security has been the cry of dictators down the ages – it would be sad to see the great nation of France succumbing to such a call.. and in the process destroying the very liberties it has fought for so many centuries to preserve.

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