Sunday, 21 August 2016

Response to Brexit shows Capital once again never slow to take advantage of a crisis

Guardian writer Larry Elliott is right when he highlights how the world has not stopped turning since the Brexit vote. However, this has not stopped certain businesses seeking to use the perceived crisis for commercial advantage.
Take the banks, who threaten to leave the country -it's funny because they never do actually leave. Instead, they stay and screw out some more benefits from government, with the tax payer footing the bill.
We have already see the subsidies start to f...low-with cheap money via quantative easing and funding for lending schemes. The banks once again given a free hand to screw savers.
Others also seek to use Brexit for commercial gain, like developers commiitted to projects who then try to cut the affordable housing element because they just can't afford it in the new world.
It 's time to wise up to the way that certain unscrupulous businesses -having helped fuel a belief in the Brexit crisis -are now seeking to profit from the results

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