Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Capturing the energy in wave power can provide jobs and security for the UK

Walking along the shoreline in Sussex during the recent rough seas, it was once again difficult to believe that this incredible source of raw energy is not being fully utilised in this country. The incredible power in those waves and the wind should provide all the energy that this small island needs to be self sufficient in ernergy. Yet, renewable energy has been well and truly shunted into the sidings by this backward looking government. It did not even warrant a mention in the recent budget.
The government's approach is wrong on so many levels. There is the huge market developing around the world in green technology. Under the previous Labour government there seemed to be a gradual awakening to the opportunity that this market offered for growth and jobs. George Osborne though preferred instead to look the other way toward gas. This renewable market is a huge missed opportunity for this country.
On another level what of energy security. Successive British governments have had  no problem shovelling billions of pounds into the coffers of the intelligence services to play their counter espionage games against real and perceived enemies but what of energy security? How can it in anyway make sense in this unstable century to be dependent on foreign countries for our energy supply? It amounts to outright negligence to pursue such a path when clearly the resources exist around our own coasts to be self-sufficient in energy and therefore that much more secure.
It is time this government woke up to climate change, both in terms of the threat it poses and the economic opportunities on offer,. If we want growth then why not invest properly in renewables, one move would be to ensure that no new building is constructed that is not carbon neutral with requisite sustainable energy systems fitted. Then ofcourse there are those waves, when will we truly begin to utilise that energy resource? 

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