Thursday, 4 April 2013

Support Labour MP's call for renationalisation of energy

Support Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins Early Day Motion 1160 calling for the renationalisation of energy with the formation of a National Energy Corporation

"That this House believes that Britain's energy industry should be returned to public ownership; considers that the privatised energy companies, now over 50 per cent foreign-owned, have not served the national interest or consumers well, such that the country now faces a potential energy crisis with a looming energy gap; further believes that the major energy companies have exercised a powerful and malign influence over Government energy policy focusing on large-scale energy production and energy sales to maximise profits rather than investment in energy conservation and renewables; notes the high and rising prices of energy, with increasing fuel poverty for millions of consumers; and is convinced that a publicly-owned and publicly accountable national energy corporation incorporating the grid as an integral component would be best placed to plan for and serve Britain's vital long-term energy needs both in national economic and social terms, with cross-subsidies where necessary and appropriate and any financial surpluses returned to the public purse and providing secure and well paid employment for all energy sector workers."

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