Tuesday, 23 April 2013

State run East Coast mainline requires least public subsidy, so let's reprivatise it

The state-run East Coast rail service requires less public subsidy than any of the 15 privately run rail franchises in Britain, according to a report from the rail regulator.

The route has been under the control of the Department for Transport since November 2009, being run by Directly Owned Railways, after the transport company National Express pulled out

Directly Owned Railways posted results for the last year showing turnover of £665.8 million, an increase of £20 million, leaving a profit before tax and service payments to the Department for Transport of £195.7 million, an increase of £13 million.


Passenger journeys at East Coast, which runs trains from London to Yorkshire, the North East and Scotland, increased by 2.1%


Customer satisfaction at East Coast rose by 2%, and the latest punctuality figures were its best since records began in 1999
What’s not to like? Well ask our back to the future government which is pushing ahead with putting the East Coast mainline back into private hands by February 2015.

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