Sunday, 26 June 2016

Labour coup plotters should put up or shut up..otherwise leave the party

What an extraordinary time for these Labour Mps to be mounting a coup against Corbyn. The stats show that 63% of Labour supporters voted for remain, 64% of SNP voters backed remain, yet no one is asking for Nicola Sturgeon to stand down. The coup Mps have proved themselves to be totally irresponsible with this action. Many of them have been itching to launch a coup ever since Corbyn was elected by an unprecedented 60% of the membership last September. There have been false da...wns like the Syria bombing vote and reshuffle but now they have come out into the open. The timing could not be worse, at a time when the Conservatives are in disarray over the EU referendum vote, with Cameron resigning and the country looking at a probable general election inside the next year. So these Labour MPs think now is the time to grab some blame for the party regarding the EU vote, which make no mistake was all born out of Tory internal party machinations. If the coup plotteers want a change of leadership they should have triggered a leadership ballot. They would ofcourse no doubt lose such a ballot of the membership - possibly by even more than last time. The coup attempt looks set to fail and in that event those involved really must consider their position in the party. We really cannot go on with this group pf people continually seeking to undermine the democratically elected leader.

* published Evening Standard - 28/6/2016

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