Friday, 24 June 2016

Need for intergenerational solidarity post Brexit vote not the creation of more division amid a blame culture

The comments, post referendum vote, blaiming older people for the leave vote at the cost of the young really does not contribute anything beyond creating further division in a society already incredibly divided after this process. The media generally is obsessed with fermenting intergenerational conflict blaming the old for young people's problems.

The reality is that there are poor people across all the classes, both young and old. Reducing things to the young don't have it be...cause the old do is simplistic and obscures the main issue which is that it is the 1% having the mass of the wealth to the exclusion of the 99%. There are young and old in both groups.

The austerity measures pursued by this goveernment have hit the 99% particularly hard to the benefit of the 1% - this is what fueled disillusion and the leave vote - the fact this got lost in translation in a debate about immigration is one of the great unfortunates of this process.

What is needed now is to unite in solidarity across classes and generations, not build ever more division. A more equal distribution of wealth between all will bring a better happier society.

published - morning star

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