Friday, 17 June 2016

The creation of a society that looks out with a spirit of generosity toward others of all races and creeds would provide fine testimony to the life of Jo Cox

The death of Jo Cox is a terrible tragedy, someone who got elected for the right reasons to help make the world a better place. She was not alone in that ambition amongst MPs. It has been one of the more nauseating elements of the last 24 hours to hear so many media outlets - that have spent the last few years encouraging an atmosphere of contempt for MPs - shedding crocodile tears over this tragedy.
Jo supported the Syrian refugees, was a positive voice on migration (a rarity indeed) and backed remain in Europe. She was about an open diverse society, the exact opposite of those who feed on the insecurity of many and the encouragement of a distrust of the other.  The best epitaph to Jo Cox would be to continue to promote that vision of an open diverse society, whilst facing down those who seek to divide us against each other.

* published Guardian, Independent & I - 18/6/2016
Evening Standard - 20/6/2016

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