Sunday, 18 September 2016

Good to hear Corbyn plans inclusive Cabinet post election victory

It is good to learn from John McDonnell that upon Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as leader of the party some of those who have stood down will be prepared to return to the shadow Cabinet. This will certainly help clarify things for some of the media, who act as though certain former shadow cabinet members never did stand down.
Take Lucy Powell, formerly shadow education spokesperson, who stood down from the shadow Cabinet at the time of the failed coup. Who would think it seeing Lucy now appearing across the media commenting on the grammar schools story. Or Hilary Benn, former shadow foreign secretary, who popped up on Newsnight recently, to comment on an arms sales story.
Some might even suspect a mainstream media plot to further undermine Corbyn's front bench team..but surely not, they must know better .. afterall the same media outlets gave such huge coverage to the choreographed resignations of so many of these individuals post referendum vote. 
*published in Morning Star - 17/9/2016

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