Wednesday, 28 September 2016

If rebel Labour MPs continue to defy leadership, constituency parties are bound to move to deselection

A simple question for the Guardian's  Polly Toynbee (27/9) is if not de-selection, what should happen to Labour MPs who repeatedly refuse to abide by the will of the membership regarding who leads the party?

The discontents behind the ill fated coup have been plotting to overthrow Corbyn ever since he was first elected last year. It has been this simmering civil war – mainly based at Westminster – that has partly delayed the rolling out of thought out and costed policies.

If the coup backers genuinely do unite and get behind the leader now well and good but many made it crystal clear during the leadership contest that if Corbyn won a second time they still would not accept his leadership.
What to do – put up with another 12 months of infighting culminating in another leadership challenge? No the coup backing MPs need to be put on notice, they either fall in line or they are out. And the decision let’s remember comes from the local constituency, where the members – the majority of whom backed Corbyn – could grow a little tired of tramping the streets come election time to get MPs elected who then ensure by their conduct that Labour will never become a government

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