Monday, 19 September 2016

How ironic if in order to take back control over our own sovereignty, by leaving the EU, the government denies Parliament a say on the triggering of Article 50

The government it seems is reluctant to concede that there has to be a Parliamentary debate and vote before Article 50, triggering UK exit from the EU, can take place.

The House of Lords constitutional committee has advised that there must be consultation and the approval of Parliament for such a move.

Otherwise the executive could start bypassing Parliament routinely via referenda – and that way lies dictatorship.

But how ironic that the government should even be contesting the view that Parliament must have the final say on exit from the EU – after all was it not the claim of the victorious leave campaign that we needed to take back control and that sovereignty of Parliament was one of the things being lost to the EU? How ironic if in order to exit the EU, the executive seeks to bypass the very body where sovereignty resides in this country.

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